The Shrink [Season 2 v.2.5 Steam]

Sex game The Shrink. Your name is Alex. You live in a small town called “Woodsville” You are a 23-year-old virgin, good for nothing deadbeat loser. Life was always kinda quiet in your small town. That is until today…

Season 1 complete.

Over 200 renders and few animations.
Trifecta scene with Brenda.

R&R Part 1
This is a new build with proofreading, image editing and even way to introduce. Everything that made the original game good, is intact. The partial remaster and remake are aimed at improving the overall experience. As well as fixing a lot of mistakes that were made both in rendering and the story itself.

v0.8 Part 2
Around 300-400 with some anim.

v0.8 Part 1
300-400 renders plus animations.

600 renders and over 50 animations were added.

300 renders and 12 animations were added.

Fixed bugs, password issues, some save issues, and a few typos.
Trifecta password is in game now.

Added over 400 renders and a handful of animations for this build.

430+ stills
40 animations

Added continuation to Alice/Melissa/Aiko Waifu’s choice from the previous update The Shrink.
Added additional content within those base “paths” such as Karishma Female and or trans if you have it on.
Continuation to the Karishma choice from the previous night, and once again it is for both female and trans choices.
Pregnancy is now an option for you to select all across the board. Those of you who have chosen Dom for Melissa for example, and perv for Alice, will sadly have to wait to see those paths move forward, until the next update. I’m only one person and I did the best I could this update.
In total Over 450 renders and over 30 animations

Last update of the 0.3 cycle
Various bugfixes, script changes and path edits
0.4 coming in The Shrink October

There’s a mini update out now
Main update comes later, this just adds a couple of scenes for Karishma to the current game
One for female Karishma early in the game for those with trans off
And one with trans Karishma towards the end of the last update for those with trans on

v0.3 final
Over 200 renders
2 animations
Added female Vanessa and Karishma
Activated pregnancy

v0.3 Part 2
Over 160 renders (over 300 if you want to include the 150 something from part 1), one 280 frames animation and a second animation (cut looped from it) continuation to PS, PB, and Alice route, as well as Brenda for those who choose trans content on. In addition, save naming and trans flag have been added to the game. Simply say Yes or No to it. Some saves may not work with all these changes. I apologize in advance for this, but you wanted these things in the game, now they are here.

500 new renders, 3 animations, story progression, three new characters and the ability to skip pretty much anything you may not find to your liking.

v0.1 Fixed
Added the missing audio file. Corrected a few typos, fixed 3 possible game-breaking bugs.

First release The Shrink.

Release date: 2024-06-13
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, MILF, Anal sex, Incest, Female domination, Big tits, Footjob, Groping, Handjob, Male domination, Oral sex, Spanking, Vaginal sex, Animated, Humor
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: OneManVN
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Version: R&R (Remake and Partial Remastered) Season 2 v.2.5 Steam + gallery mod
Language: English
Size: 3.52 GB

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