The Spellbook [v.0.20]

The Spellbook – a book that was found by mistake. A spell that was cast by stupidity. Shall be the beginning of an adventure! Will you let things go out of hand? Will you use it to all the women around you? Make them fall in love with you? Play it now and make your choices!​

This release contains:
Words: +4k
Images: +124
Videos: +14

The Spellbook Dark Route (Good NTR) Part 3
Words: +9.3k
Images: +275
Videos: +34

The Spellbook Dark Route (Good NTR) Part 2
Words: +8.6k
Images: +300
Videos: +46

v0.19.5.0 Dark Route (Bad NTR) Part 1
We have been working hard on the NTR route this month. This month’s release was a tricky one. Lot’s of different choices in this one to make. Can you persuade one of the girls to give you one last chance? I hope so. Nobody wants to end up alone.

This release contains:
Words: +10k
Images: +250
Videos: +10

v0.19.0.5 Love Route Part 2
Hello everyone, It’s Sinburn.
Firstly, let me start with an apology. We hoped to get through to our first ending in this release but we got so involved with an emotional goodbye that we didn’t make it. We were underestimating how many renders it would be to get through to the end but we wanted to squeeze in a generous helping of sexy times for the endings and there was no way for us to get all that sexy goodness out on time. Not without breaking Rocco that is.

This is part two of this month’s love update.
This update leads us to the last big choice. From here it’s all endings. I’m not going to promise things right now as to what we will get done next. Rocco and I need to sit down and plan out what we think we can get done but it will be on the NTR route.

In this release The Spellbook we have:
Words: 3327
Images: 106
Videos: 18

That makes for this month:
Words: 6399
Images: 258
Video: 30

+182 New renders
+7 New Videos
+4.5k Words Dark Routes
Hey guys,
This is an episode you guys dont want to miss… I dont want to spoil too much but… Lets call it special! Something we have been waiting for is finally happening!!!

This month we added:
+200 New renders
+30 New Videos
+6.5k Words Love Route
+200 New renders
+10 New Videos
+5.2k Words Love Route
+261 New renders
+30 New Videos
+5k Words

v0.16.5.0 Dark Routes
Hey guys,
In this months dak routes we added:
+353 New renders
+26 New Videos
+8k Words

v0.15.50.0 Dark Routes
Hey guys,
This months dark route update heavily focuses on Fem-dom and teaching Jack who he really is supposed to be!
+100 New renders
+10 New Videos
+3.2k New Words

v0.15.0.0 Love route
+213 New renders
+14 Videos
+7000 Words

v0.14.5.0 Dark routes
Hey guys,
We proudly present you update!
+419 New renders
+11 Videos
+16500 Words

v0.14.0.0 Love route
Hey guys, We proudly present love route update! A very big love update with many choices and sub routes. In this update we added:
412 Images
33 Videos
13.300 Words

v0.13.5.0 Dark routes
Hey guys,
The episode is finally out! After 3 dramatic days of burnout, we proudly present you update!
340 New renders
27 Videos
12k Words

v0.13.25.0 Dark routes
We managed to make 136 renders per route (272 in total), 7 videos (total) and wrote about 6k words in dialogues.
Make sure to play through both routes available to play all the new scenes!

+12000 words
+360 images
+14 videos
A great episode with lots of action as always! Make sure to play through all the routes available to play all the new scenes.

– removed forced file check on game launch
– added auto-update notification
– added auto-update function for game client
– improved auto-update function for game content and game client
– added offline-modus for free content
– and other (minor) improvements.

v0.12.5.0 Dark routes
+13k Words
+291 Images
+28 Animations

v0.12.0.0 Love route
Hey guys,
Update (Love route) is here!
This month we added:
250 Renders
22 Videos
11k+ Words

It is important to remind you guys that a bit more than the 1/4 of this update is the Michael route from the previous update! But in order to play the Michael path you need to start the game from the movie night in Michaels path (update due to a little bug. The rest 3/4 of this update is filled with Nancy and Aria!

v0.11.5.0 Dark Routes
+16k words
+41 animations
+266 renders
This episode consists of 2 huge acts. The third was cut because our PC would not make it in time, furthermore we added some out of this world animations in this update. Even the toughest judge will be amazed.

v0.11.0.0 (Love) Released!
Another huge episode is delivered today, with many sub-routes to explore and lots of fun to be had! This episode has futures all the girls but Aria. Worry not though Aria fans because we will make sure to focus a little more on Aria in the next Love update!
We also didn’t add the Michael path. We will add it next update!

What was added in the game this month:
+ 420 Images
+ 21 Videos
+ 13k Words

Dark routes update.
+289 Images
+ 27 videos
+ 14000 words
Will Jack win his fights this time?

Love Update v0.10.0.0
This is the biggest episode we ever made!

v0.9.5.0 Dark Route
+ 290 Images
+ 23 Videos
+ 8000 words

v0.9.0.0 Love Route
– 360 Images
– 18 Videos
– 8.283 words

7000+ Words
279 Images
21 Videos
Furthermore, this months update is in love route!!! Where, finally we will see some more of Nancy and Aria this month as last 2 love updates where focused on Kelly and Aurora!

Overall we The Spellbook added: +254 Images + 20 Videos + 5000 words

Overall we The Spellbook added:
+ 203 images
+ 5 animations
+ 2 sub-animations (for the cellphone screen)
+ 7000 words
Furthermore, next Update will be on Love route and it will be amazing! As Jack will meet a very important character and learn more about the book. This, with the right choices might slowly lead Jack been extremely powerful!

For Android Users
This is again an atempt to port the game for android devices. Be aware that the game is big, so you will need at least 3gb of space to be enable to install and play. Also, you must have Android version 6 or higher. It was tested on a 2014 Android tablet, Galaxy S8 and BlueStacks emulator.

Android APK + Android Game Files
The game has the same features as the PC version, with auto updates. But it only do it if internet is available, otherwise the game will work 100% offline.

You can also update the game yourself by downloading it’s packages and putting them on the device’s game folder: /Android/data/net.naughtygames.thespellbook/files/

Just extract/copy this zip content to that folder. Also, your savegames will be located there inside the folder SaveGames

Known Issues:
– For some devices, to enter/load the game it will take some time. It will appear that is freeze, but it will work

– Some times the UI disappears. Just tap with 3 fingers on the screen that it will appear back. This is how you can hide/show the UI like PC where you do use middle mouse button or H key

Release date: 2023-07-01
Genre: 3dcg, animated, bdsm, big ass, big tits, blackmail, cheating, corruption, creampie, exhibitionism, female protagonist, footjob, groping, group sex, handjob, harem, incest, male protagonist, masturbation, milf, oral sex, pov, sleep sex, spanking, stripping, titfuck, vaginal sex, voyeurism
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: NaughtyGames
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: 0.20.0 + update only
Language: English
Size: 6.67 GB / 120 MB + 2.4 GB (android)

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