Time Loop Hunter [v.0.69.00 Patreon]

Time Loop Hunter is an erotic game with fantasy elements. The main character, John, is not a particularly lucky guy, in his 22 years he managed to make a lot of mistakes, has a lot of debts, parole, and his family just hate him … One night you meet an alien who instructs you to hunt parasites that affect the minds people. But who said you can’t have fun in the process. Perhaps this is a chance to radically change everything!

A new Fun Point involving Benson
A new Fun Point involving The Janitor
A new Fun Point involving Cooper, Benson and Rosario
Added Achievement “Wow! You’re really milking this uniform!” with Gallery
Added Achievement “Female Game Armor.” with Gallery
Expanding the story in 3X-COM base
One new Outfit for Cooper (Rejected Uniform)
New memories for Day 7 and Day 8
I fiddle a little more with the Psy-Invasion screen.
Fixed a bug with the WARP with Rosario confrontation at day 3
Added Visiting Rosario at the First Aid point at the Fair to WARP
Gallery is up to date.

Continue the Story for the 3X-COM faction.
Continue the Story for Rosario
Continue the Story for Cooper
Continue the story for Benson
Continue the Story for Alice
Continue the Story for Georgia
Two new Fun points (Alice and Cooper)
Two new outfits (Benson and Cynthia)
New memories for Day 5, Day 8, Day 9
New memories for Rosario, Cooper, Benson, Alice and Georgia
Rework of the Psy-Invasion (level 0 and level 1, is still not complete)
Several grammar fixes and continuity fixes. (Thanks Wandering Gyrfalcon)

Continue the main story Jody/Muffarini side
Continue the story for Janice, Crystal, Dana, Jessie, Cooper
New outfits for Janice, Crystal, Dana
New memories for Jody, Janice, Crystal, Dana, and Jessie, Days 6,7 and 8
New Achievement (“Yeah… Sure!”)
Memory clean-up for Day 1
Two new profiles for Other Characters: Dr. Brown and Pedro

Continue the story of Benson, Georgia, Sophie, Ayumi, and Mia
New outfits for Ayumi, Mia
Add level 3 corruption Portraits for Ayumi and Mia
Added relevant events for each girl on the Girls’ screen
Two new Fun Points (Georgia and Benson)
New memories for Georgia, Benson, Ayumi, Sophie, Mia, Day 7 and Day 8, Day 9
Updated some memories and dialogs of Sophie
New outfit for CAS (patrons exclusive)
The gallery is up to date and a new category (Extras) is to be filled soon.
Grammar and other fixes
Fix a bug unlocking CAS’s new outfit
Added the new outfit to CAS’s dream sequence

Fixed a bug with Matt and Alice always visiting on days 5 and 6
Fixed a bug with Mia’s sprites
Minor grammar fixes in Hints

Continue the Main Story
Continue the story of Layla
Continue the story of Cynthia
New Memories for Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Layla, Cynthia
A new outfit for Cynthia
A new Achievement
Added DAy 5 to Warp.
Remove Memories for Hospital Day 1, Shower Alice Day 1
Remove All memories about Slutty Beauty and replace them with an achievement
The gallery Time Loop Hunter is up to date
Fixed several minor bugs (Thanks Dimka2010, Wandering Gyrfalcon)

Memories for CAS
You can see the parasite on all girls
You can see the parasite on the MAP
A new CAS Evolution with a Dream sequence
A new Dream Sequence for Lisa
A new Dream Sequence for Jody
A new FUN point (Janitor)
A new point for Brain Tolerance
A new Timeline slot
A new Outfit for CAS (Club) with a Dream sequence
A map for the Nightclub
All Dream sequences take into account CAS current form
CAS Drug sequence expanded to all forms and all outfits
CAS Portrait is interactive with all her forms.
Added scenes to Day 5 Gallery (complete)
Added new Gallery category: DREAMS (complete)
Added Flirt and Kiss to Alice in Nightclub
Other minor fixes.

– Continue the story for Sophie.
– Continue the story for the Day 6 heist
– A new dream Sequence for Layla
– A new FUN Point (Rosario)
– A new Achievement
– A new outfit for Penny
– New Memories for Sophie
– New memories for Day 5 and Day 6
– Added Zarina massage event to the WARP
– Re-renders of Zarina scenes.
– More Gallery for Day 5 (still incomplete)
– Grammar corrections.
– Continuities bug fixes

New skill point for the massage skill
Extended scene to massage parlor after the nightclub.
Extended scene to Crystal with Janice after the nightclub
Extended scene with Zarina at the Fair’s VIP area
New Scene with Janice and Dana at the nightclub (and after)
Extended dialog with Lisa at the nightclub and House
New Credits screen.
New memories for Day 5
New Memories for Rosario
New Memories for Lisa
More Gallery for Day 5 (still incomplete)
Continuities bug fixes (Thanks Dimka2010)
Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)
Some bug fixing

Continue the story of Georgia
Continue the story of Cooper
Continue the story of Benson
Continue the story of Lisa
Redone Heist on Day 6
Redone Janice “Accidented”
Memories for Day 5, Day 6, Georgia, Cooper, Benson, and Lisa
Gallery for Day 5 (still incomplete)
Added two new Other characters (Riot Girl and Carson)
Some bug fixes.
Continuities bug fixes (Thanks Dimka2010)
Grammar corrections. (Thanks to DorcasAurelia)

Continue story for Alice (All paths)
Redone some Alice scenes.
Two new outfits for Alice
New club id for Alice and Claire
A new Fun point for Cooper
A new way to get past Claire
New gameplay feature: SENTIMENTAL MODE
New Memories for Day 3, Day 5, Alice
Gallery Day 5 (started)
Some new Dialog shortcuts.
A new system for Achievements
A new system for Gallery
Fixed Several continuity bugs
Grammar corrections.

Continue the story of Dana
Continue the story of Ayumi
Continue the story of Lisa
New Feature: Warp a Timeline
New button design for the screens and some new icons.
Changes in the show girls’ stats
A new Fun Point
A new Achievement
New memories for Dana
New memories for Ayumi
New memories for Lisa
New memories for Day 5
New CLUB ID for Lisa
Fixed and Add Portrait images
Fixed Several continuity bugs
Grammar corrections.
Compiled with renpy SDK version 7.4.6
Small bug fixes
Add a visit to Ayumi on Day 3 to the Warp

Compiled with renpy SDK version 7.4.6
Small bug fixes
Fixed some continuity bugs
Fixed the missing scene from the Gallery on Day 4
Fixed the state of the secondary characters
Fixed the description of some secondary characters
Fixed some continuity bugs
New Persuation skill point
New event for Hannah
New event for Jessie with a Fun Point
New event for Cooper and Benson with a Fun Point.
New shortcut for Cynthia.
One New Achievement
Continue story for Cooper and Benson at the Fair
New outfit for Alice
New Memories for Alice, Cynthia, Hannah, Layla, and Day 5
Added the new scenes to Time Loop Hunter Gallery Day 3 and Gallery day 4
Added some shortcut dialog options to repetitive dialogs.
Fixed Several continuity bugs
Grammar corrections.

New Pickpocket skill point
New Event and outfit for Georgia
Three new FUN points (Layla, The Terminator, Trish & Jax)
One New Achievement
Three new Club IDs to collect.
A new screen for Supporting Characters
A new screen for 100% game completion
One new Brain Tolerance point with a Free Timeline Slot, and a new Power.
Redone the Maid outfit from Lisa
Redone de Work outfit for Mia and Georgia.
Redone animations for Mia (Day 1 My House) and Crystal (Day 4 Hospital)
Redone the Girls’ screen.
New Memories for Cooper, Georgia, Day 5
Complete Time Loop Hunter Gallery for Day 4
Fixed Several continuity bugs
Grammar corrections.

Release date: 2024-01-19
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Ren’py, Sexy Girls, Small Tits, Beautiful Ass, All Sex, Hardcore Sex, Seduction, Corruption, Mind Control, Fantasy, Voyeur, Anal, Lesbian, Milf
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Hydrahenker
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.69.00 + Walkthrough + Gallery unlock
Language: English
Size: 3.74 GB

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