Unfaithful Rebirth [v.]

The game Unfaithful Rebirth is heavily inspired by “Living With Temptation” from Lesson of Passion. The objective for this game to make something fun, not too redundant and relatively long. The goal is to behave like an ideal husband in order to return love to your wife, or, conversely, to try to seduce all the girls that you have. Respect for women’s desires is the best way to do this. Never forget to please them if possible, it will always be a winning policy.

Unfaithful Rebirth
Addition: Possibility to skip the scenes where we meet Cherry while doing sport near the sports field
Add: Noélie and Sarah gain attraction when she comes back from nightclub
Added: The courses to be given appear in the help panel directly in the game
Addition: You can click on each image of the photo shoot to see it in real size
Addition: Doing a photo shoot adds attraction
Addition: Ability to move quickly in places (with some constraints to avoid bugs)
Add: Pictures of portraits of Sarah when she has breakfast
Addition: 1 mp4 variation when watching tv
Add: Love scene between Noélie and Sarah in the swimming pool
Add: Christmas dream scene in blonde
Added: Some images of variations
Added: The image of the game and its name are displayed when they install on the console
Added: 1 image when sarah swims with her swimsuit
Added: Patchnote directly in the game
Added: Updated translations for English, German and Russian
Addition: Clicking on Noélie’s computer image allows you to connect to it
Added: Several icons
Addition: In the men’s locker room in the gym it is possible, under certain conditions, to buy a potion that gives muscle
Addition: First code sections of the module for a real interaction with AFF PNJs
Addition: Many images and videos to reduce the routine of meetings
Addition: Several variations when discussing platonically with Noélie
Addition: Continuation of the creation of the module for a real interaction with AFF NPCs (with a wider vocation if necessary)
Added: Noélie can play game console
Addition: Icon point?
Addition: Many variations
Addition: Sarah a Fb
Add: Sexy GIF when you go down the stairs at the university
Addition: Illustrative image of sudoku
Add: Gif when 2 girls kiss each other with cum on their faces
Added: Gif when 2 girls exchange sperm
Addition: Continuation and end of the story between you, sarah and noélie
Addition: Plan to find your way more easily at the university
Added: Achievements and wallpapers related to the progression and completion of the main story
Addition: Function to make fades in the game (used for loading a part for example)
Added: End cinematic
Added: Christmas blowjob scene in the shower
Addition: 2 sex scenes with noélie (in the bathroom and in her bedroom)
Add: Image when noélie gets dolled up in the bathroom
Added: Images when noélie undresses in the bathroom
Added: Several common images related to blowjob in the shower, brunette woman orgasm and swallowing cum
Added: Better consistency when looking / acting with someone in the bathroom
Added: Story of noélie and sarah 10- & gt; 11
Added: End cinematic
Addition: Scene with Noélie in the living room and first milestones for the end of the story noélie / sarah / pj
Addition: Several variations when you play sports at the level of the girls that you meet
Add: The portrait of Noélie in the info panel changes depending on the progress of the story
Added: Images for console games
Added: Images for Sarah’s Fb posts
Added: Images for SMS sent by Sarah
Added: Generic sex images
Added: Story of Noélie and Sarah 8- & gt; 9
Addition: Some icons to illustrate the choice of conversation topics
Addition: Variable to know the sexual preferences of the pnj & gt; = 2000 (0homo- & gt; 50bi- & gt; 100hétéro)
Addition: Continuation of the creation of the module for a real interaction with AFF NPCs (with a wider vocation if necessary)
Addition: End of the inclusion of level 0 of questions to be asked on aff and start of the inclusion of level 1 questions
Added: Possibility to pass the blowjob scene in the car when coming back from the supermarket
Added: Several context images

Modification: Icon when the shelters are stored
Modification: $ university_place – & gt; $ event_trigger [“lieu_universite”] to facilitate resetting to 0
Modification: There is now one load in the console per game Unfaithful Rebirth purchased
Modification: Sex scene 1 in the living room with Noélie, we choose the way to conclude by keeping the last displayed image (no more gray screen)
Modification: Sarah has her Gala outfit as soon as we arrive at the university for the Gala
Modification: When it is not possible to do a photo shoot we return to the portrait of the PNJ (instead of the room where we are)
Modification: The illustrative images of the places are all the same size
Modification: Centralization of the management of site openings
Modification: The options menu is better organized
Modification: Way of displaying objects in rooms (better homogeneity)
Change: How inventory is displayed
Modification: Renaming of ‘test_possibilite_sexe’ to ‘test_possibilite_pnj’ for greater versatility
Modification: Clicking on the image of the bathtub or the washing machine launches the action
Modification: Way of watching tv / playing console to make code more readable
Modification: All variables can no longer conflict – & gt; reduction of variable corruption
Modification: Description panels and quick actions (save, inventory, etc.) are hidden during cutscenes and love scenes
Modification: After a certain time, the search for Noélie’s computer should be successful (reduction of the hazard)
Modification: Factoring of the options menu code
Modification: the ‘extraction_informations_v2’ module is now more versatile (transferred to the ‘modules’ to reflect this)
Modification: Rewrite of the function responsible for changing the background color according to the time of day to make it compatible with the new fade function
Modification: Fewer events are totally random
Modification: Redesign of the management of the SMS database (greater versatility)
Modification: Addition of variables for the PNJ, requires a regeneration
Modification: Action in the garden shed for greater speed of action
Modification: Factoring of variables
Modification: Management of Christmas and Sarah portraits simpler and allowing to add more easily
Modification: The variable relating to the relationship that we have with the pnj is modified for more consistency and less problems
Modification: All icons have a halo to be visible when the game background is dark
Modification: Slight redesign of the PNJ diary code for more readability
Modification: Slight factorization of the code
Modification: The trad files are separated (better maj and better error checking)
Modification: Continuation of the factorization of the variables
Changed: Minesweeper game code more readable for better maintenance
Modification: The function allowing to know the number of people in a room is more versatile
Modification: A number of functions are modified to take into account the elements related to the end of the main story

Adjustment: Size of the book covers harmonized
Adjustment: We can no longer skip the meal scene when history-related events occur there
Adjustment: Weighting Sarah in her college office to increase the likelihood of finding her there
Adjustment: Some code simplifications
Fit: Sports objects in the gym are the same size (better harmony)
Adjustment: Better presentation of the text when wanting to buy anal lubricant
Adjustment: It is not possible to skip the sex scenes with Sarah when it advances the Noélie / Sarah story
Adjustment: Cherry’s 6- & gt; 7 story triggers faster
Adjustment: When you do not have time to do the sports session before the closing of the room, you are brought back to the choice of duration and no longer directly in the room
Fit: Sexy video of college girls walking up the stairs at college saw her height increase
Adjustment: The window “for information”, is centered and takes all the width (better visual coherence)
Adjustment: Continued use of the ‘pour_information’ module for a larger number of messages
Adjustment: Many newlines added to make the text more readable
Adjustment: The difference between 2 Christmas dreams cannot be more than one week
Adjustment: Changed certain conditions for greater fluidity in the actions and advancement of Noélie’s story in Unfaithful Rebirth
Adjustment: Look for forward / backward one page on the fb mobile site
Adjustment: Seeing Sarah masturbating is consistent with the context
Adjustment: Noélie dresses now when she finishes being in the bathroom in the morning
Adjustment: The themes of the SMS images adapt better to the progress of the story with Noélie or Sarah
Adjustment: It is no longer possible to do Sarah’s striptease in the office when writing the first time
Adjustment: The text to adjust the number of successes per line and the actions related to this are on the same line
Adjustment: Several variables are modified to better match the rest of the stories (gift the blue bikini)
Adjustment: Creation date of Sarah’s Fb profile
Adjustment: The automatic creation of comments is reduced by a factor of 10 (in test)
Adjustment: noelie_lingerie_1 and noelie_lingerie_1_discussion are resized to no longer show the unsightly edges
Adjustment: Visual consistency of games and easy access to different options
Adjustment: Aspect of the texts of the end kinematics
Adjustment: Better ergonomics of the game of blackjack, minesweeper and sudoku
Adjustment: Events when we sleep are more consistent with what is displayed
Adjustment: A few variables here and there for more consistency
Tweak: Unfaithful Rebirth Code optimization
Adjustment: Several interface changes to make it more readable and practical
Tweak: Unfaithful Rebirth Code optimizations

Release date: 2022-07-09
Genre: Real Porn, QSP, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Titfuck, Milf, Lesbian
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Zigmut
Platform: Windows
Language: English, French, Russian, German
Size: 3.05 GB

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