Awesome Vacation [v.0.8]

Герой игры работает преподавателем в Университете и отправляется в долгожданный отпуск. В надежде отдохнуть от своих коллег и оторваться с незнакомками под теплым солнцем. Осуществит ли герой свои планы на отдыхе?

This version completes all the main arches. We can consider this the final version of the game.

What’s in the new update 0.8:
– Completed the main storyline

New Features & Bug Fixes:
– Fixed the “mad Joe” bug (now the last event with John will not cause an error)
– Fixed a bug with the bat seller (now you can eat food on the street without fear of causing a game bug)
– The ability to work in the bar of a cousin and in the office of her worst enemy (this is not a bug, but a feature)
– The ability to call even strangers in the final scene (this is not a bug, but a feature)

– Added an event on an alternate path.
New Features & Bug Fixes:
– At HandJob Club you can repeat the meeting with Jasmine
– fixed a bug with a shy maid
– Now you can take her by surprise after work in the back room.
– You can visit her in the evening.
– An alternative branch can be started with it (night visits to her room can be more varied).
– Added new event, “Music Festival GNR” (you have to start a love affair with her).
– Added new event, Morning runs.
– Now you can buy something illegal from him (Oh, yes, he’s also become a merchant).
– Fixed errors with his quests.
– Now anyone who wants to visit her can visit her. Think about it before you decide to do it XD.
– Added new event. The hero decides to look through the window in his room (it is Better that the hero is already familiar with John)
New Features & Bug Fixes:
– HandJob Club can now be visited in the evening (the events haven’t yet been picked up).
– Nudist beach can now be visited at any time. (But it’s better not to)
– Mini-games are out of the game.
– Fixed bug when game was showing “end of game” screen.
– Fixed some minor bugs
v0.5.5 RE:
– Added some new scenes to beach locker rooms.
– Completed one of the plots on the line of Alexa Still.
– Now you can skip the Intro with Irene at the bar.
– Fixed a number of bugs.
v0.5 RE:
– New location – fitness room.
– Added events with Leela, Angelica, Kimmy.
– Added events with Christy (Finally you can interact with it in the evening on the beach).
– Added event with Christy and Mia (You can watch a movie with them over the weekend).
– Added event with Maid (If you made the right choice).
– Added event with John.

Дата релиза: 2021-05-13
Жанр: Visual Novel, 3DCG, Ren’Py, blowjob, handjob, male protagonist, voyeurism, oral sex, vaginal sex, harem
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик / издатель: Asario
Платформа: Windows
Версия: 0.8 (completed)
Язык игры: Русский
Размер: 984 MB

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