Harem Island [v.1.0a completed + RenPy edition]

Harem Island – You are wrecked on an island, you have experienced a lot, but it seems this island is not simple and fraught with danger. The creatures that live here are focused only on attacking man… The game has a wide variety of characters and some fantasy races such as elves, fairies, orcs.

A patron reported that the Berza button wasn’t opening her dialogue ^^ now it should work.

Nothing new compared to 0.99, just a bug fix and official 1.0.

– New events to end the game’s plot.
– Last missing events for Griev and Nikita
– Sex battles available for: Griev, Nikita, Lea, Annie, Annia, Sakura, Warangel, Berza, Nighta
– 3 new quality animations for Momo (replace the old) for her sex battle.

Dev aspect: Changing some animation names, changing a line on battle system, Adding few lines when loading the Game, Changing soem quest descriptions.
So here is your bugs that should have been fixed:
Momo’s battle was bugged
Some quests was still ???, it was the case when you loaded a game from 0.7e
Some quests didn’t trigger, it was because there were another a requirement, I’ve added it into their descriptions.
Many weird things in the battle. (Orgasms were 100% 300% 500% etc.. instead of 100% 200% 300%… and many focus animations).

Harem Island v0.8
Sex battle: It’s now a real game-play. You have 6 rounds to make her cum or not, each round had 1 perfect choice, 1 normal, and 1 bad. Your sex skill increase the values. If you don’t have skill enough, you can just learn the girl’s path.
FULL ANIMATED with new animations & updates.
Available for battles: Miki, Sophie, Momo, Okaa-Sama, Caroline, Pink.
Also for the Ex girlfriend, Berza and Nii in the story.
You can only do it once you f*cked her in the story.
Sex skill is now useful for Battles and is increased in different moments in the game’s story. Some variables have been removed.
Blowjobs: You can now ask the girls to blowjob you again (new animations)
Available for BJ: Sophie, Miki, Momo, Okaa-Sama, Caroline, Nikita, Griev, Pink.
Content for Nikita, Griev, Caroline, Pink, just follow the Quest tab in game^^.
(Sex battles & BJ are not in the Quest tab)
Also Added a new place, the khals’s room.
Bit of optimisation concerning the GPU.

Harem Island v0.7
Okaa-Sama, Momo, Sophie, Miki have many new events each.
Better guidance quest panel.
Paradise quest, involving Okaa-Sama,Momo,Sophie,Miki & a new character.
Once these 4 girls loves you you can ask for sex just by talking to them.
“Wait” button to pass the time instead of having to hunt.
I didn’t counted how many new animations there are, but there are a LOT.

Harem Island v0.6
many new big and little events for Miki and Sophie, only private stuff.
Instead of doing a bit of content for each girls I only added content to Miki and Sophie is was more pleasant to write! I’ll work like that in the future 😀 Next girls will come little by little.
I did many animations (only created by me) but many aren’t satisfying me, I think I’m gonna rework it later (for use it on future animations, not rework existing content).
I’m in love with Sophie.
Miki too.
I also added a lot of background, even if some are not good, you should better see what’s happening. Once you saved your people, go to the lounge on the Evening.

Quest panel to see every events to trigger.
Many new scenes
Player stats & army system

Dialogues: edit of some texts, to fix some english mistakes.
Battle system Updated:
– more simple and easy.
– Cool UI animations.
– This is not % anymore, You can now see they gauge that act like life points.
– It gets a bit of Random values.
– it works with your stats and hers (but you can’t change them yet)
– You should not have to choose between speed or forceful in the future, just increase the intensity or decrease.
The Map system:
– You can now visit the plane by clicking on map’s buttons.
– You can talk to people.
– not everybody are present but it should be the case very soon.
– Cool living animations for a cool immersion.
-A specific action will trigger a scene (with sex animation) and it will explains you your goal in the future of the game.
Saving system:
– You can save and load the game, unlike harem Villa, It works during a dialogue and on every maps.
– I’ve disabled it during the battles, so if it doesn’t works when you see life gauges that’s normal.

The Code: 2019

Year: 2020
Genre: 3dcg, animated, fantasy, groping, handjob, harem, male protagonist, milf, vaginal sex, oral sex, titfuck, anal
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: ERONIVERSE
Platform: Windows
Version: 1.0a (completed) + RenPy edition
Language: English
Size: 1.27 GB / 1.59 GB (RenPy)

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