Red Sakura Mansion [Part 1 v.0.10 / Part 2 v.1.4.2]

Red Sakura Mansion – you get a huge mansion, but what if you do not have money? What you gonna do? That’s right, seduce and enslave beauties, train them and turn them into whores, earn money on them and live like a king!

– Continuation of the quest with Ophelia
Remember, she came to your house half-naked? Here it is
– New quest for Penelope.
Do you love rods as much as I do?
– New quest for Clementine.
What do you know about knights? I don’t know anything about them. But Clementine knows. Fasten your seat belts!
– New quest for Sophie
Do you like reading books? Well, at least those books in which there are pictures?
– New jobs for Chloe
It’s time to have alternative ways to earn money, right? 2 new jobs with 6 animations!
– New location: Gentlemen’s Club!

Something new huh?
– New character
I don’t want to spoil it, but you will be happy
– New watersports scene
You understand what I mean, right? 😉
– Add new item for sexshop
Woosh, woosh, woosh!

– Added new quest for Penelope (Park) + animations
– Added new quest for Clementine (Creative space) + 2 animations
– Added new quest for Elizabeth (Car showroom)
– Added new quest for Sophie (Pharmacy)
– Added new quest for Chloe + animations
– Added 2 new items in a sexshop
– Added 2 new items in a store
– Added job for Chloe
– Added the ability to have fun with Chloe (only 1 item for now)
– Added more than 140 new renders and 4 animations
– Fixed bugs
– Edit some dialogues

– Sex Shop opened
After MC level 15, you can go to the sexshop
– Added 1 quests for Sophie
– Added 1 quests for Penelope
– Added 1 quests for Elizabeth
– Added 1 quest for Clementine
– Added 1 SPECIAL quest

After MC level 18 you can start investigate betrayal and after 3 days you will knock on the door. You will be delighted, do not miss this quest. You will meet with one of your past slaves

– Added 6 HOT video

I am especially proud of this item, I hope you really appreciate the quality of the animation.

– Added new items in the Store
– Fix some Bugs

As a result, about 110 new renders and 6 videos added!

Have a nice fun and thanks for your support!

– Added “Photo sessions requests”
Now you can find out which Photo sessions are required and understand which quests are not completed yet. View the list of Photo sessions requests at the offices

– Added player (MC) level
You can view MC level on the Home screen
– Pharmacy opened
After MC level 5, you can go to the pharmacy
– Added Sofia (Pharmacy)
– Added 2 quests for Sofia
– Added 2 quests for Penelope
– Added 2 quests for Elizabeth
– Added 1 quest for Clementine
– Added new items in the Store
– Added 1 quest for Grace (Library)

The quest will be available after completing all of Elizabeth’s quests. Just come to the library any time
– Added 1 video for Grace
Hot video 🙂
As a result, about 100 new renders added!

Red Sakura Mansion 2 v1.0
Initial Release
1800 lines of code, 100+ renders and the first Renpy release is here!

Red Sakura Mansion v0.10
So here the next version of the best game in the world 🙂
The first and most important thing I wanted to say: I have almost studied Renpy and will soon start migrate RSM to this familiar engine that works not only on windows but also on macOS, Linux and Android
I think that it will take me a lot of time and I will think about how to do it quickly.
One of the ideas is to start doing the Red Sakura Mansion 2 and all new quests i wiil do on Renpy, and step by step migrate past chapters to the new engine

So, i think it was the last release on Tirano engine:
As I said earlier, this is not a very big update, but very interesting!
So, features:
– As before, if you don’t want to play from scratch, use button on title screen “Start from Pamela Storyline” you don’t need old SAV file
– added some new orders on castings (more than 70 new renders)
– added 1 animation on casting (for Sofia on Fuck Machine)
– Now when you buy some items, Maya will show them or demonstrate how it works (still in progress, finished only for some items) (30+ new renders)
– New character: Officer Lane (10+ new renders). She will come to you at certain intervals The officer will come to you 5 times, (just keep making money from casting)after that the continuation will be in the next release
– New location: a Strip Club (25+ new renders) Still in progress but but now you can have fun with your slaves there
– If you play from the start, Naomi and Chloe can be taken to the club after reaching level 14 and Pamela after level 6. If you start playing using “Start from Pamela Storyline” button (from title screen) you can fun with all your slaves straightaway

– Earning system has been completely changed. Now this is a webcam casting
– Added 10 webcam characters
– Added 2 new Pamela quests
– Added more than 300 new renders
– Added 7 new animations
– Changed Naomi storyline, now the character is more modest and has more personality
– Added alternative branches to some of Naomi’s quests for those who don’t like sharing slaves.
– Added: when buying the latest device, you can test it directly in the store
– Changed prologue
– Fixed some bugs

What will be in the next release:
– Add new orders for webcam models
– Make model dialogs more personal
– Add testing of most devices when buying

Red Sakura Mansion 0.8b is Released!
– added 5 new Quests
– added new Galeries
– 6 new video
– added more than 250 renders
– bug fix

New in the release:
– 3 new quests
– more than 150 new renders added
– added galleries
– fixed some bugs

Red Sakura Mansion v0.6
– 4 new quests
– 1 new storyline with Jill
– 9 new animations
– 3 new characters
– 3 new locations

Mansion and gift button removed. Now you need to buy items and upgrade the mansion on the city map. Items can be found in the “Sex shop”, and furniture for the rooms in the “Store”

Red Sakura Mansion v0.5
– Proofreading all dialogs – Thanks to everyone who helped me
– Added 8 new quests
– More than 300 new pics added
– The system of earnings has been changed. Now it’s casting. Take pictures of girls and make money!
– Added 15 new simple animation
– Fixed bugs
– You must start the game over, saves from the previous version of the game will not work
– Chloe’s storyline is not finished, because it will be much longer and more interesting than Naomi’s storyline

Red Sakura Mansion v0.4
– Finished main storyline with Naomi
– Added 6 new quests
– Disabled energy and mood of the character
– Simplified and automated earnings system
– Added over 300 unique artworks
– Fixed some dialogs and bugs

Release date: 2023-06-10
Genre: 3dcg, anal sex, bdsm, big ass, big tits, harem, male domination, male protagonist, oral sex, prostitution, sex toys, slave, spanking, trainer
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: TinWoodman
Platform: Windows / Windows, Linux, Android
Other Games: Slut Trainer
Version: Part 1 v.0.10 / Part 2 v.1.4.2
Language: English
Size: 1.04 GB / 605 MB

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