The Blackout [v.0.4]

In «The Blackout», you play as a young student in the grip of strange events. After suddenly passing out in the street for a yet-unknown reason, you try to understand what had happened to you without imagining a single moment that you’re only on the verge of a great adventure! Will you manage to solve all the mysteries revolving around your life?

v.0.4.0 (Episode 3)
— The Blackout Episode 3 : Lana’s Revelations :
The third episode is the most ambitious yet, with over 600 stunning renders, 13 new music tracks carefully chosen to perfectly fit with the atmosphere, 13 new animations carefully handcrafted with love and most of all a gripping and emotionally strong story with over 18,000 words.
This episode focuses mainly on Lana’s strange and mysterious past, the MC will learn more about Lana and the people who have marked her life forever. Through this narrative episode, the MC will discover secrets that have been kept for too long but also learn more about himself.
As you will have understood this episode is a different experience from the first two episodes. With a different atmosphere and pace, this episode aims to mark the starting point of many characters and elements that will have a big impact on the plot of the rest of the story. Obviously, the next episodes will focus again on the MC.

— A new interface :
In collaboration with Negixo, I am proud to present you this new interface and new designs.
A lot of elements have been completely recreated and redesigned for this update.

— Bonus content:
— 11 new unlockable bonus renders
— 3 new unlockable puzzles

-Extra content:
— 11 new exclusive renders
— 7 new exclusive puzzles
— 1 new 360 degree render

— General improvement :
— A new system to unlock the computer of the Mc
— A big optimization of the game size (-200 MB)
— A lot of interface improvements
— more optimization for the puzzles
— A confirmation screen for the name of the Mc
— Multiple sound design improvements
— Other minor improvements

— Bugfixes :
— Fixed a bug where the questlog appeared in VN mode
— Fixed a bug where a random black frame appeared during an animation.
— Other minor fixes

This update The Blackout is mainly focused on improving the overall quality of the game with new features and some new content, so let’s see what’s new!

— A new game mode:
For those who have a preference for more traditional visual novels, a VN mode has been added. With VN mode, you can focus on the story without the sandbox elements.

— A new model for Lana and new textures:
Lana’s model has received many new details including a new highly detailed custom skin for a very realistic look. I’m now working only with very high-quality textures, which requires more time to make the renders but the results are really much better. Here are some examples of Lana
— A new model for Emily :
A new high-quality custom model for Emily has been completely recreated to better fit Emily’s character and personality. All renders with Emily have been completely redone and replaced in this update.
— Over 200 new renders redone
A lot of work has been done on the visual aspect of some renders which have been completely redone with a better technique, lighting and facial expression.

— New content The Blackout:
As I said, even if it was not the main goal, some new content has been added in this update. Some new scenes, new music and new choices have been added especially with kylie and also new characters make their first appearance in this update.

— Special animation and warning:
All special animations have been redone to be perfectly loopable and in better quality (720p to 1080p). For those who suffer from photosensitivity, an option has been added to disable these special animations.

— General improvement:
Update of the Renpy engine
Update of the french translation
Addition of the trailer of episode 3
New end screen
New and improved GUI elements
Optimized game size
Improvement when the mouse is on a clickable element
Other minor improvements

The Blackout v0.3
New Content:
-~320 new renders
-~15 new animations
-New locations
-New characters
-4 new songs and 8 new sound effects
-New bonus content
-New extra content
-Proofreading of parts I and II (Thanks to TittyMaster)
-French translation

New Features:
-Adding a text message system
-Added camera movement on some renders
-Added a new mini-game

-Improvement of most of the dialogues
-Performance optimization especially during animations.
-Game size optimization
-Added a main menu button when the game is paused
-Remake of the hint system for the computer password of the mc
-Emily’s face improved, more natural and realistic
-Some improvements of Ashley and Lana’s body
-And other minor improvements…

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a bug where a black screen appeared during some animations in part I
-Fixed a bug where the puzzle didn’t disappear after finding the computer password.
-Fixed a bug when the extra section was selected in-game.
-Fixed a bug where the music was not playing in some scenes
-And other minor bugs…

Password of the computer : lanacatparis
Password for the case : 363
Password for the «Extra» gallery: XAH2XQ

Release date: 2022-07-02
Genre: 3dcg, Animated, Male protagonist, Big Ass, Big Tits, MILF, Oral sex, Teasing, Virgin, Voyeurism, Romance, Masturbation, Stripping
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: AfterLust
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 0.4 + Inc patch
Language: English, French
Size: 945 MB

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