Glamour / Гламур [v.0.41.1]

Игра Glamour представляет собой эротический симулятор, новое творение автора популярной игры Big Brother!.. Главная героиня Кейт прожила всю свою жизнь в маленьком сельском городке, но однажды ее семья распалась, отец уходит, а старшая сестра переезжает в большой город. Кейт 18 лет, она недавно окончила среднюю школу, и пришло время получать высшее образование. Ее старшая сестра Джулия приглашает ее переехать к ней и поступить в тот же экспериментальный колледж, что и она, с очень уникальным подходом к образованию. Кейт принимает предложение Юлии и надеется начать новую жизнь на новом месте. Но, может быть, ее жизнь не будет такой гламурной, как она надеется…

Glamour v0.41
Here’s what we added in 0.41:
New lessons with Lisa and Ann. Once you unlock them and Lisa invites Max for a lesson, there will be an option between old and new lessons so you still have the access to the old events.
New late night events with Ann and Kira in the living room.
Continuation of the Alice show. Max finally gets free to do what he wanted for so long!
New events when Max sleeps in Ann’s room.
From now on, Max can sleep in Ann’s room whenever he wants (after 22:00) even if Olivia isn’t there. You’ll need to unlock this in the story first, though.
New punishment. Alice got to be in charge in 0.40, but we didn’t have the time to implement everything we wanted and had to push some punishment events to 0.41.

Glamour v0.40
Today is a good day to release 0.40. Not only it took us less than a month to make, it’s our biggest update yet! It has 30% more text than our previous record, and it has about one and a half, maybe even two times more images than our average update.

So, here’s what we added in Glamour 0.40:
Private punishments in Ann’s room go out with an explosive finale, new punishments are in the house!
Now that Alice gets to punish Max, the rule of equivalent exchange dictates Max gets to punish Alice in a new and exciting way for smoking!
Late night show with Lisa and Alice gets even more fun! No spoilers here, go look it up in the game.
Surprise, surprise turns out Alice isn’t the only smoker in the house.
Karen’s visit to the villa will snowball into all kinds of events all over the house.
Max will finally see college, but not in the capacity you might expect.
What could be better than the late night events with Kira? That’s right, the same events, but with Kira and Ann!
Deepening relationships with Ann leads to newer and even more exciting yoga events!
Ann’s change in attitude will be clearly shown in her new early morning cooking attire.

A lot of fun content. We hope you like our update Glamour.

Glamour v0.39
Now here are the events we’ve added in Glamour 0.39:
New pool events when Ann and Lisa are sunbathing nearby. Alice will come up to Kate and offer to have some fun.
In the evenings, when no one is watching TV, Alice will offer to watch something.
Kate can now do yoga with Ann.
Playing as Max, you’re seen a series of events during Alice’s show. Now these events exist from Kate’s perspective. This whole series of events only took us one day to implement from Kate’s perspective, by the way.
Kate can give Ann massages in the evenings.
In all of these events, Kate will have a choice between encouraging or punishing Max’s behavior. Once Max’s authority goes up or down enough, it will unlock new punishment events. You won’t get locked in your initial choice, at any point you can change your mind and influence Max’s authority in the other way to trigger events you haven’t seen.
You can check Max’s authority parameter in the Villa quest, which will also track progress with every series of events of this update.

If Max unlocks the right to punish others
And this is what happens if he gets reprimanded all the time

Glamour tries to download files after the start make sure you disconnect from the internet or block it via firewall!​
Saves are encrypted and won’t work if shared, so please do not ask for save files!
Unofficial Walkthrough

Дата релиза: 2021-09-18
Жанр: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Multiple Protagonist, School Setting, Corruption, Spanking, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Interracial, Real Porn, Sex Toys, Vaginal Sex, Handjob, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик / издатель: Dark Silver
Платформа: Windows, Android
Версия: 0.41.1 + CG images
Язык интерфейса: Русский, English
Размер: 876 MB

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