Void’s Calling [Episodes 2 v.1.0]

“Void’s Calling” is a new game from the developer Twists Of My Life, in which every decision you make can radically change the course of history. The skills we acquired while working on the first game will be fully utilized in the work on this project. The game will still be heavily story-driven, but this time around, you get to choose what to do in the game world. In terms of render quality, I think you’ve noticed a gradual improvement in quality over the last project. When talking about sex scenes, you can expect the same quality, if not better, than in my first project. Call of the Void is a rethinking of our ideas. A new project with the same old approach to our work and style.

Ep2 v0.283
– 3788 renders; and many of them are of really high quality if I can say that.
– 95 animated scenes. Now we have some truly good animations, there’s even a video consisting of 700 frames .
– 116, 890 words.
For comparison, the first episode includes:
– 2754 renders.
– 48 animations (5 we added recently).
– 121,819 words.
We still have a lot to add to the game, we’ll try to get it done before the Steam release.
Game mechanics:
1) Gallery
2) Auto-combat
3) Tutorial
4) Level up screen
5) Amulets
1) Brothel expansion
2) Events related to slaying monsters
3) Hidden event

v0.253 Special
That event will contain 160 renders, 8 animations (including complex ones) and around 4.5k words.

Ep.2 v.0.2
It’s finally here. We’ve released the second update for the second episode of our game. It was a long road of trial and error but we did it. We’re truly happy that we can share it with you now.

– The special event for 40$+ patrons will be released later on as a standalone addition.
– The final quest is not where it should be. As we keep adding new content, it will be moved to better reflect the proper position.
– We did not have time to test import of saves, we hope you can help us with that. Those of you, who do not have saves, can use «quick start» option.
– The combat system is partially ready but it still requires some tweaking. We have disabled this feature for this version of the game.

List of changes:
First of all, this episode adds about 34k of words. The update turned out big even though it was not our intention for various reasons. The game has 53,947 words in it. It is almost half the size of the first episode.
Secondly, we have made 1234 static renders and 11 animations. There is one animation consisting of 200 frames. There is also one animation with 300 frames, but it is not ready yet, it will be in the public release.
One of the final quests of this episode is finished. It just happened, it was a simple side quest at first, focused on one character, however, it grew into something bigger over time.

– We have not included all completed quests in this build. Some of them will be added later on
– There are a lot of dead ends in this update. Some of the options you choose will lead to the end of the game simply because we have not finished those branches. If you accidentally choose such an option, please, load the latest autosave.

Ep.2 v.0.1
22.3k words and 915 renders are ready for the next update.
This is an early access with all “bonuses” that usually come with it. Technical side of the second episode isn’t finished. Export of saves, battle system and interface elements will be added later on. English will keep being worked on as well.
This update is an introduction (a prologue) to the second episode of our game. Mechanically, this update is closer to a linear VN. By the end of the prologue, you’ll return to the open world.

– The update adds 1112 new renders, 20 animated scenes and 46696 words. (english version)
– The current total amount of words: 123316 words. (english version)
Main storyline – approximately 12k words.
The story of the first episode Void’s Calling is fully completed. After finishing the main story, the game will end. There is no free roam after that point, but the player will be warned about this, and he will be asked to save the game.
There are several ways to reach the end. Some choices will have consequences in the future episode. You can never see everything in one playthrough, because there are some mutually exclusive paths.
Sarah – about 5k words
Kagera – about 1k words
Ilga – about 4k words
Kilena – about 1,5k words
Fiona – about 7k words
Elana – about 2k words
Date at the lodge – about 500 words
Masked woman – about 1k words
Drunk girl – about 4k words
Other events – about 1,5k words
Technical part:
– Rebalanced monsters
– Rebalanced (in the direction of simplification) progress with some characters
– Many small changes
Some events were cut out. Progression of some events was carried over to the next episode. All this is done to speed up the release.

Changed the name (Void’s Calling).
The update has more than 518 renders (approximately), 22756 words. Additionally, 11 scenes have animation.
Main content:
Big update for Kagera’s storyline
Update for Kilena
Small event with Elana
New events from the «message board»
Update for the “night guest”
New interaction with Mrysia
Events for higher-level hero
New festival interactions
Big redesign for the bathhouse
New interactions in the tavern
New dreams
A big number of random events
New options in the brothel
Some improvements for the castle
A lot of smaller adjustments
Saves from previous versions:
Saves from 0.2 version – errors are guaranteed and you will most likely not see any new content.
Saves from 0.3 version – errors should be minimal. You might miss some minor events, but nothing serious.
We recommend using the saves we will provide you with. You will get 2 saves (one for English version, one for Russian version), both on normal difficulty and with content from previous versions done, so that you can jump right into new scenes.

Release date: 2022-10-16
Genre: 3dcg, adventure, animated, creampie, fantasy, handjob, male protagonist, oral sex, romance, vaginal sex, voyeurism, lesbian
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Novel
Other game: Twists of my life
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Episodes 1 v.0.9.32 / Episodes 2 v.1.0
Language: English, Russian
Size: 1.83 GB / 4.08 GB

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