Wizards Adventures [v.]

The game Wizards Adventures immerses you in the atmosphere of the magical world. You play the role of the young magician Merlin. He was born in an ancient and influential family, whose members have always been members of the Council of Mages. But due to the fact that he was given too much from birth, he ceased to try and develop himself, ceases to perform the tasks of the council and leads a riotous lifestyle. But it could not last forever. He was found by one of the council members and convinced to take the right path. Perhaps Merlin will begin to correct, but the craving for women and adventures has not disappeared anywhere.

Continuation of the story with Wendy
New scenes with Wendy
Continuation of the story with Milena
Three new scenes with Milena
New costume for Milena (Character 2B from another game)
Fixed the bugs that you sent for the last update.
All previous scenes and costumes that were for subscribers are open.
Added to the cheats menu the ability to open all the scenes in the gallery.
Fixed the error. In Gwen’s prompts, the task was not displayed correctly at a certain stage.
Fixed the error. Gallery with Gwen.

Continuation of the story with Gwen
Three new scenes with Gwen
Exclusive scene with a CatWoman costume for Milena
Fixed the bugs that you sent for the last update.
All previous scenes and costumes that were for subscribers are open.

Continuation of the story of Milena
New scenes with Milena
I corrected all sorts of small mistakes
Continuation of the story of Wendy and Sarah
New scenes with Wendy and Sarah
I corrected all sorts of small mistakes
Continuation of the story with Milena
New scenes with Milena
Added the Gallery to the game so that the scenes can be viewed from the menu
Corrected a lot of errors and optimized tasks, some points were not intuitive.

Continuation of the story and new scenes with Milena
New colors and types of clothing
Changed the interface menu
Added the ability to dress up Gwen / Cheryl
Added to the section with cheats, the ability to open all the clothes on the character at once.
Fixed many minor drawing bugs, errors, etc.
Completely rewrote the story with Gwen. Now she has a more adequate start and Gwen now arrives much earlier.
New scenes with Gwen
Added more dialog choices and their consequences
Blacksmith and Priest Remaster – Forge Remaster (Background)
Fixed a lot of all sorts of animation errors, bugs, crashes and more.
Continuing the story Wizards Adventures, you feel the aftermath of meeting Meryl.
4 new sex scenes with Milena
Some new clothes for Milena
Two new locations
Added inventory to the game so that you can track found / purchased items
Disar’s new store interface
New interface for dressing up Milena, now it has become much more convenient to do
Fixed the ice cream scene, now it does not freezeFixed some clothes that were not displayed correctlyFixed many places where the game could take a long time to load
Continuation of the story Wizards Adventures with Cheryl
3 new scenes (sexy, one of them is footjob)
Improved the quality of characters and backgrounds (not everywhere yet)
Spent some time on the mobile version, I hope it will be more convenient to play now (I am not stopping at this, in the next versions I will refine)
Fixed various bugs and errors that you wrote to me about.
Corrected a mistake in the shower in the evening.
Fixed bug with attic search. (Who played version skip the day)
New characters
New locations (Church)
4 new scenes with a new character
Many small changes in the game (It makes no sense to describe all of them)
Fixed a bug when the game crashed when selling herbs to Disar.
Fixed some minor bugs.
New characters Wizards Adventures
New location (Merlin’s Room)
New scenes
In the scene with ice cream, Milena now changes into different clothes
Reworked a little scene when Milena is in the shower
Changed the menu (I think the old interface was overloading the image)
Reworked selling medicinal herbs in the store. Added color cues.
For mobile phones, added the ability to go to updates, since they do not have the ability to save their passes.
Added to the hints menu the percentage of the story with the character
Finished file optimization and compression, image quality went up again
There are also many fixes, colors, codes, errors, crashes. There is simply no point in listing them.

Release date: 2023-10-09
Genre: 2dcg, anal sex, animated, bdsm, big ass, big tits, blackmail, fantasy, female domination, harem, male domination, male protagonist, masturbation, monster girl, oral sex, pregnancy, vaginal sex, voyeurism
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: AdmiralPanda
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English, Russian
Size: 1.83 GB

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