Warlock and Boobs [v.0.355.0.1]

Warlock and Boobs — Кроули всегда хотел изучать магию, охотиться на девушек монстров. Помогите Кроули в осуществлении своей мечты!

Hotfix 1. Fixes the scene with Lizzy and Samantha not triggering. It should work, but you might need to wait till next Thursday if your your save is at Thursday

Warlock and Boobs v0.355
What is new:
New quest. After Eric’s quest, try to summon Jimm to start. More spoilers info in in the attached file.
New character. As a part of the quest 🙂
Lizzy inflation. If you drink big load potion before fucking Lizzy in the nipple (new scene) it will give her huge boobs filled with sperm. She will stay like this for 3 days, or forever if “pregnant bellies” cheat is activated. It affect her other scenes and her pixel sprite when she walks around Krowly’s home.
Lizzy and Meril can be summoned in battle. Lizzy can be summoned right away, Meril – after the quest. I have no idea if they will be busted or useless, it’s something we need to test 😀 Old spells are removed

New scenes:
Nipplefuck with Lizzy. Another way to feed a slime girl 🙂
Lizzy and Samantha oral scene. Thursday morning if Lizzy and Samantha are in Krowly’s home. No illustration for now. Written by Idler. (triggers when you come inside first floor, from outside or form other floor)

Updated scenes:
Alice’s morning scene got new illustrations, 2 variants total. + some text changes. +Jenna is commenting on the lipstick marks on Krowly’s dick in her own oral scene.
Lizzy titfuck. Added inflation variants
Lizzy feeding. Added inflation variant
Krowly fucked by trap moster. Added illustrations. + text update
Krowly and Big Goblin Girl. Updated illustrations, added belly grab option.
Krowly fucks an orc girl. Added illustrations, changed to buttfuck

New pictures:
Lizzy’s nipplefuck +3 variants
Lizzy’s inflation variants. 9 variants total
Krowly fucked by trap monster. +3 variants
New character’s illustration
Krowly fucks an orc girl in the ass +4 variants

Updated pictures:
Krowly and Big Goblin Girl. Completely repainted, + 2 variants added

Warlock and Boobs v0.352
What is new:
Krowly’s stepmom added in the game. She is arriving next Sunday morning after Jill starts living with Krowly (check second floor). Her name is Samantha, and it’s just her introduction. She will get more content in the future, including sex scenes and the quest.

For now she has some dialogues, a schedule, clothed and naked illustration, possibility to cook with her, to stare at her boobs and to catch her naked.

She also has relationship system, including cheat in the cheat room, and “stepmom” system similar to the “stepsis” system for Jill, or the one for Jenna.

Hope you will like her 🙂

Gardening update

The gardening system were rewritten to work via scripts.

Krowly now can work on the field only if there is at least one full grown plant.

New scenes:
Futa elf buttfuck. Can be triggered when you win a battle with her, or as a massage in the spa
Rayna topless. Has a chance to happen when you help her in the smithy
Battle nun titfuck. Has a chance to be triggered when you lose to her. +variant in the monastery. Talk to the nun outside at the evening.
Stepmom naked. Friday and Sunday night, her bedroom, after her arrival
Staring on stepmom`s boobs, mini scene. Talk to her when she is with Jill in the tavern

New pictures:
Futa elf buttfuck. 8 variants
Rayna topless
Battle nun titfuck 4 variants
Battle nun covered in sperm
Stepmom + naked variant and portraits

Small things:
Decoration elements. A statue and small ruin in the snake girls’ area, a tapestry with busty nun in the monastery and another one with two kissing girls in the church ruins (hunt dungeon). Most pixel portraits on the walls in the village got bigger boobs.


Warlock and boobs v0.350.2
What is new:
Comitment mode. Can be activated at the beginning of the game. Makes it possible to save the game only at the morning after sleeping in the bed. Isn’t intended for the first playthrough, potentially can be buggy. Needs to be tested. No need to use it, if it’s not for you

Kaaren, the busty snake. Added in the Snake girls’ location. Can be met at Tuesday and Saturday morning. The event with her will have continuation in the future.

Conda, the big goblin. Added as the new character, that plays the role of the big goblin in the quest “big green”. For now doesn’t have illustration for the sex scene. After the quest can be met in goblin village at Tuesday and Friday day time. In the future will have more events. (No need to start the game form the beginning, the quest haven’t changed much.)

Event with Rayna. At Wednesday day time she isn’t in her smithy. But where is she? (file with spoilers is attached to the post) Check her shop’s assortment after the event.

Small funny event with Conlan, the guard. At Thursday day time. You may want to bring him specific item. Maybe it will have some continuation in the future.

Effects of the spells. I have made some changes to how statuses works.

Status “Wet” (new)
removed by any fire spell
can’t get “aflame” status
+20% protection against fire
+20% chance to be frozen
+30% weekness against thunder

If the battle happens outdoor during the rain, this status will be added to all party and to all enemies at the beginning of turn 1

Status “Aflame”
Removed by any cold spell
+20% protection against ice
+20% protection against water
can’t get “frozen” status

Status “Frozen” (replaced status “paralyze” in the “Freezing” spell)
removed by any fire spell
+20% protection against fire
+10% weakness against ice
can’t get “aflame” status

Status “Sticky”
If spell can add “aflame” status, it will be added 100% to sticky target

Status “Asleep”
+100% weakness against dark spells

Spell darkness deals more damage during the night.

New scenes:
Leaf and futa elves. Several variants, without illustrations for now. Sunday night in elven camp.
Astra’s hotdogging scene. Wednesday or Friday morning, Astra’s bedroom. You will need 25 or more relationship points with her, and at least 50 lust. Has random chance for a surprise variant ^_^
Juliette’s doggystyle scene. Ask her to follow you, and try to go outside the village. You will need 60 or more relationship points with her. Big load potion variant included.

Updated scenes:
Titfuck scene with snake girl. Illustration updated, added variant with sperm

New pictures:
Conda’s character illustration
Kaaren’s character illustration
Juliette doggystyle, 18 variants total
Astra hotdogging, 13 variants total
Alice’s topless dance sperm variant

Updated pictures:
Snake girl titfuck


It fixes oral and anal scenes with Eric, scene between Eric and Lizzy and problem with topless Alice’s dance
It fixes dialogues with Eric about his transformation. Also translation issues and a few other things.
Eric’s transformation system.
This was the main focus of this update. Second part of the previous update, as a continuation to Eric’s quest.
After completing the quest «The Matter of Order» Eric will start to receive one Erica point every morning.
If he has 7 points he get more feminine body.
14 Erica points — longer hair
21 Erica points — boobs
28 Erica points — lips
35 Erica points — huge lips.
After first transformation, if he sucks Krowly’s dick and swallows the sperm he gets 1 Erica point.
After first transformation, if he gets Krowly’s sperm gets in his ass, he gets 1 Erica point.
If Krowly gives him Boobs potion during the hunt it gives Eric 5 Erica points.
If Krowly gives him Reducto potion during the hunt it gives him -10 Erica points.
After first transformation if Krowly gives him Minotaur or Futa elf sperm, it gives Eric 1 Erica point.
After first transformation any event on the hunt where Eric gets fucked in the ass or mouth gives him 1 Erica point.

New scenes in Warlock and Boobs:
Rose’s breasts expansion titfuck scene with huge dick Krowly. Can be randomly triggered when you help her test potions.
Futa Fina’s faping scene at Thursday night. Check the hole in the wall. This scene is written by HelloWhat. No illustration for now. This scene can be triggered only after the scene with Futa Fina in the church

Updated scenes:
Eric’s buttfuck scene. A lot of additional illustration variants for Eric with longer hair, boobs, and big lips.
Eric’s oral scene. About 26 additional variants for Eric’s transformation. I’m not sure how to count them
Eric bathing. +14 additional variants.
Threesome with Jaina and Eric. Additional variants for Eric’s transformation.
Jenna’s facefuck scene. Additional variants for Eric’s transformation.
Krowly’s titfuck scene. 2 additional variants for busty Eric.
Priestess nipplefuck scene. 6 variants for busty Eric.

New pictures in Warlock and Boobs:
Rose huge boobs titfuck. +3 variants
New variants for Eric’s sex scenes. Check “updated scenes” for more info.
Eric’s character illustration. Something about 48 additional variants I think. Including new black lingerie design.
Rose’s character illustration. +3 huge boobs variants.

What is new in Warlock and Boobs:
New quest. Save before starting the quest. Some part of it can be completed in a different ways, so you may want to reload the save to check out the options.

To start the quest help Fina at the morning after completing the Tea with Milk quest. Also to start the quest Eric should have Mighty sword equipped. He gets it at hunt where you met the Priestess at the end of random generated dungeon with puzzles

Carla’s cumflation. Make Big Load potion, fuck Carla in the pussy or ass and enjoy her with big pregnant looking belly. Proper illustration will be shown in her pussyfuking and nipplefucking scene. The effect stays on for 3 days. Potion recipe can be obtained during the quest with Juliette.

Juliette can join topless Friday. Look at Alice dancing topless and then talk to Juliette. You will need 30 relationship points with both Alice and Juliette.

Agnieszka can join topless Friday. Next Friday after Juliette joining the topless Friday go look for Jason at the evening. 10 relationship points with Agnieszka is required

Lust and hunger UI bars are now working properly. In the past they were just gradually changing, but now they are properly changing their length according to the exact amount of lust or hunger you have. It’s probably simple thing for somebody, but I’m proud of it

New scenes:
A few scenes during the quest 🙂

Updated scenes:
Pregnant goblin girl buttfuck – illustrations added. Scene was already in game, can be triggered randomly when you help Maruna to repopulate the goblin tribe
Carla’s pussyfucking scene – cumflation variants added.
Carla’s nipplefuck scene — cumflation variants added.

New pictures:
Pregnant goblin girl buttfuck (+11 variants).
Alice’s topless dance on the table. Can be seen during the topless Friday if Alice is dancing on the table.
Carla character illustration with big belly. + topless variant.
Carla’s pussyfucking scene big belly variants
Carla’s nipplefuck scene big belly variants

Updated pictures:
Melissa oral scene (+15 variants)
Jenna’s oral illustrations. Small face update

Small thing:
Small change to Eric’s portraits
Change of how Elizabeth Darkwood is playing the music by request.
New pixel sprite for Elizabeth Darkwood when she is playing music. Done by Criss.
New pixel sprite for Agnieszka. Done by Criss, who contacted me on twitter.
New script for Return and Meditation spells

Infinite titfuck with Eric.
Learning Wicked Mind spell from Meril multiple times.
Once again, mushrooms were not respawning. It’s like 5th time I think.
A huge amount of other bugs and text problems.

UPD: Hotfix 1 is uploaded. It fixes the scarecrow bug at the beginning on the quest at some days of the week.
UPD2: Hotfix 2 is uploaded. It fixes the bug with Eric after completing the quest.
UPD3: Hotfix 3 is up. It fixes the bug where new quest can’t be started if the labyrinth dungeon was finished and a few other bugs

Полноэкранный режим — ALT+ENTER

Дата релиза: 2022-07-12
Жанр: 2DCG, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Monster girl, Adventure, Combat, Futa, Big tits, Big ass, Anal sex, Animated, Gay, Incest, Masturbation, Oral sex, Religion, Titfuck, Vaginal sex
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик / издатель: boobsgames
Платформа: Windows
Версия: 0.355.0.1
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский
Размер: 967 MB

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