Warlock and Boobs [v.0.338]

Warlock and Boobs — Кроули всегда хотел изучать магию, охотиться на девушек монстров. Помогите Кроули в осуществлении своей мечты!

What s new:
New quest «Show must go on». Can be triggered started at sunday if your relationship with Elizabeth Darkwood is higher then 11 and the quest «Futa music» is finished. Talk to futa manager during the day or to Carla at the evening. Also you can just find Elizabeth on the map. (save before the quest and during it, it has a hard battle)

Hunt sistem was reworked. Now you can hunt with Eric 3 times a day and also you can choose the dungeon where to go if you have already found it. For example you can fight slime at the first attempt, meet Mable and suck her milk at the second, and find a dungeon at the third (all three are random). Or you can encounter a hard fight during the first attempt and then immediately retreat to the camp because you don’t have enough health to continue.

If you will lose in the battle or successfully clear a dungeon you will automatically return to the camp.

Also every time you discover new dungeon game adds it to the list and next time you can choose an option to go to that dungeon instead of hunting. (The cave with crystals and deep wood don’t count as dungeons)

Krowly’s deaths. Now when Krowly hunger first time reaches more then 50 points he is passing out to wake up in Carla’s tavern. It gives him Malnourishment status (-20% MaxHP and MaxMP) for 3 days. It hurts but the game continues. Passing out from hunger second time will also give -5 MaxHP permanent debuff. (later in game there will be a dish to heal it)

Lizzy and Meril. Krowly can use his monstergils help as the abilities in battles. If Lizzy is with him he will get a healing ability. Meril will provide a big debuff for the enemies, if Krowly knows how to summon her. Each time you use their abilities it will cost 1 SP. SP is Sperm Points for Lizzy, and Soul Points for Meril. If monstergirls have no SP they won’t be able to help Krowly. To recharge their SP you will need to feed them.

You can check SP by talking to monstergirl while being under en effect of the Mind Reading spell. Also now you can use Lizzy’s heal outside the battle, and have sex with Meril as many times a day as you have Lust for. Previously it was 1 time per day thing.

New scenes:
buttfuck with Elizabeth Darkwood (+ repeatable version of the scene in the spa). For those who don’t know Elizabeth wrote all the music in game and the players suggested to add her as the bard character.
gangbang scene with the bandits. No new illustrations

New pictures:
buttfuck with Elizabeth Darkwood (+2 variants)
Rose blows Jaina behind the tavern (+2 variants)

Updated scenes:
Rose blows Jaina (added possibility to fap and enjoy the show)

Rose isn’t using Krowly’s equipment anymore
Cooking should be working in the russian version now
Teleport to locations was fixed
Maximum amount of save files increased to 30

What s new:
New enemy — Battle nun. After the witches quest the battle nuns can be met in some locations in game world. No sex scenes for now, will be added in the future for sure. It looks like the nuns are searching for something in the darkest places of the frontier…

The ways to improve their relationship:
If Astra notice sperm on Eric’s face it will make her more horny (+1)
If Astra and Eric are sitting together in the tavern they will join the dance if you will invite somebody else (+1)
Dancing during the topless Friday gives bigger bonus because of Astra’s jumping breasts (+3)
The kiss scene (+1)
The facefuck scene (+5)

In the future Eric and Astra will have more scenes that will depend on the level of Eric/Astra relationship.
Eric has other scenes that can be triggered at same time. If you don’t see him there, he is maybe having sex with Jenna or being sucked off by Lizzy
During topless friday you won’t be able to flirt or dance with Eric and Astra if they are sitting together, but it’s possible in other days (for now)

New scenes:
Krowly rides an orc after defeating him. The scene is written by Idler. No illustration for now.
Eric facefucks Astra. Topless friday night, near Astra’s house. Eric/Astra relationship should be 10 or more.
New pictures:
Eric facefucks Astra. +1 variant
Battle nun.
Updated scenes:
Carla’s buttfuck scene. Krowly now can pull out and cover her ass with his sperm
Updated pictures:
Carla’s buttfuck scene (+2 new variants)

New scenes in Warlock and Boobs:
Krowly sucks Sister Elizabeth breasts. Wednesday evening, 30+ relationship. She starts lactating if you suck her breasts enough times (5 and 10 for more lactation.). Her milk causes lactation for busty Krowly.
Krowly plays with Alice’s butt. During the day when Krowly’s eats Carla’s dinner. 35+ relationship points.
Juliette is talking about what she have seen in the wood. (triggers if Krowly had sex with the Drunk Orc). 30+ relationship points. In the tavern, at Thursday morning. Written by Jack White. No illustrations.
Krowly fups on the busty statue in the church at night. Has small consequence next morning. No illustrations.

New pictures:
Krowly sucks Sister Elizabeth’s breasts +5 variants
Krowly plays with Alice’s butt. +3 variants
Rose in black lingerie +variants
A bunch of variants of Astra’s handjob illustration for the animated scene
Naked variant Sister Elizabeth’s character illustration. Temporary

What s new in Warlock and Boobs:
Stoner elf now is a proper character. He got a name (Leaf), illustration, house, job, updated dialogue and bright future. Also he is selling mushrooms instead of Rose now.
Help Rose by testing her potions. During the day, once per day. 5 possible effects (some are for busty Krowly).
Possibility to meet Mabel during the hunt.
The hunt event with wine merchant being attacked by the butt bandits.
Jaina, Eric and Rose got new skills.
Shield bash — for Eric and Jaina, only if the shield is equiped. Deals demage and 70% chance to stun.
Precise hit — for Jaina. This attack ignores armor
Dirty move — for Jaina. Jaina throws dirt into enemy face to temporary blind it.
Jump attack — for Jaina. Strong attack but makes Jaina’s defence lower, temorary.
Kick — for Jaina. Deals less demage but adds agility debuff. This skill cost 0 TP.
Mighty slash — for Eric, only if the mighty sword is equiped. Strong attack.
Call to battle — for Eric. Adds buff to the party’s attacks for 5 turns.
Sticky potion — for Rose. Adds agility debuff and makes the target very vulnerable to freezing.

It wont work in the old saves by default, but you can update your Eric, Jaina and Rose in the cheat room (it will also destroy all the equipment you gave them, so make a note of it.)

Now you can give Eric, Jaina or Rose a glass of beer, minotaur milk or futa elf sperm or other drink and see their reaction.

What s new in Warlock and Boobs:
Girls’ voices: Several lines and a bunch of sound reactions for Alice, Astra, Juliette, Fina and Sister Elizabth. Oolay-Tiger was directing this small project. I also added the option to disable the voices in the settings menu.
Lust for Jaina and Rose: The lust mechanic now works for Jaina and Rose too. They can be target of lust attacks from monstergirl, they can drink lust potion and become aroused.
When their lust reach 300 they will submit in battle. When Jaina’s lust is higher then 200 she stops obeying your orders in battle.
Both girl have sex menu during the hunt and will also ask for sex when their lust is too high.

New scenes Warlock and Boobs:
pixel scene with Derek and Taisha (Tuesday or Friday night)
pixel scene with Jason and Agneshka (Saturday night)
pixel scene with Wine Merchan and Elf (Tuesday or Thursday night)
pixel scene with two goblins by Harlekin (Wednesday or Sunday night)
scene with Jaina during the hunt by Harlekin (illustrations from the spa scene)
rimjob scene with Lizzy by Bearyama (no illustrations). Has a 20% chance to be triggered when Krowly is playing with himself at night. (SFX by Oolay Tiger)

Updated scenes:
Buttfuck with Juliette. Now you can choose to finish inside her or to pull out and finish all over her

New pictures Warlock and Boobs:
Scene with Fina under waterfall. Butt or pussy (8 variants)
Variants for the buttfuck scene with Juliette (3 variants)

Updated pictures:
Updated illustrations for scene with a goblin girl (5 variants)
Conlan’s face update
Alice’s morning scene. Small fixes
Dereks illustration. Small update

Small things:
If busty Krowly is lactating the milk will be shown when he is playing with himself at night.
A small scene with Diana and Wine Merchant (Monday morning)
A couple new lines for party dialogues by Harlekin
Jason talking about Taisha in the tavern. Idea by Harlekin
Jenna’s reaction on Krowly’s session with Jaina in the spa
Jenna has an illustration in the spa now
Wine Merchant visiting the spa

New location Warlock and Boobs — bandit region. To the left from the snake girls area. Includes bandit fort. Every time Krowly’s getting defeated from the bandits, they steel his gold. But then Krowly can raid the bandit fort to return his gold back.
New dungeon with bandits’ camp accessible at the hunt with Eric. (dungeon option)
New dungeon for the hunt with Eric, Jaina and Rose. The riddle at the entrance is randomised, but you have two ways to enter the dungeon. (dungeon option)
12 new items as the rewards in dungeons.

Eric, Rose and Jaina can wear accessories.
Eric and Jaina can use shields.
Krowly can change his weapon.
Krowly can take a magic item in the left hand.
Buttplug prevents Krowly from being fucked in the ass by slimes and protects him from the butt attacks from monsters during the battle. (new items aren’t visible on the character illustrations)

New scenes:
Anal with Jaina in the spa

Updated pictures:
Rose blowjob scene (+2 variants)

New pictures:
Character illustration for Jimm, the demon
anal with Jaina in the spa (+3 variants)

Small things:
Rose has a flirt menu with a repeatable blowjob scene now.
Derek’s scene was fully translated to russian.
Jill’s scene in the church was translated to russian.
Snu-snu fruit now has an effect the increases arousing effect of other items and events. Lasts 3 days
some old items were changed and can apear in two versions in the old saves. Just ignore it.

New pictures:

Sex with Agneshka (+ busty Krowly variant)
Agneshka’s pussy (+ cum variant)
Juliette in the trap (5 variants)
Lizzy’s feeding scene (4 variants)
Alice topless bukakke
Krowly sucking Melissa’s dick (the variant of pussyeating illustration) (+ cum variant)

New scenes:
Sex with Agneshka (relationship with her should be at least 30)
Juliette in the trap (during the hunt)
Lizzy’s feeding scene
Krowly sucking Melissa’s dick (the variant of pussyeating scene)

Updated scenes Warlock and Boobs:
Anal and vaginal scenes with Carla (by Kalas)
The scene with Mabel (by Kalas)

Small things:
Slimes’ terror new icon
Portraits for Lizzy
Portraits for Agneshka
Pixelart animation for Krowly fucking a slime
Alice’s anal scene is now accessible during the topless friday (Now we can see her topless and covered in cum)
Some events during the hunt when you choose to leave now start random event from the roser instead of «fighting slimes till the evening»

Полноэкранный режим — ALT+ENTER

Дата релиза: 2021-01-11
Жанр: 2DCG, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Monster girl, Adventure, Combat, Futa, Big tits, Big ass, Anal sex, Animated, Gay, Incest, Masturbation, Oral sex, Religion, Titfuck, Vaginal sex
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик / издатель: boobsgames
Платформа: Windows
Версия: 0.338 + Walkthrough + Save
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский
Размер: 660 MB

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