Warlock and Boobs [v.0.432]

Warlock and Boobs – Krowly always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!​

Gardening update.
Golden idol – you can plant a golden idol in your garden to increase it’s fertility. It doubles the speed the plants grow, and gives 1/3 chance to get extra “ingredients for sale” for each idol
Fertilizers. You can add a fertilizer to a hole before planting a seed. It’s one time use to make the slot fertile. Every fertile slot with a plant will give a chance to get extra ingredients for sale.
Sacred seed. A sacred seed that you can get the from the flower girl during the hunt with Eric can be planted in the garden. It grows into a sacred flower that can sometimes be visited be a various types of flower girls (new multi-breasted type is included in the update). The flower girls can spawn at the morning, with 1/5 chance.
This potentially has bugs, please report if you will encounter some.

New scenes:
Barstool buttfuck with Jill. Stare at her ass during the rain, while being naked yourself. Requires 50+ relationship points.
Titfuck with Astra and Erica. Happens at Monday morning in Fina’s mansion if the relationship between Eric and Astra are 15+ (if you see them dance or see how Astra gives Eric a blowjob, it adds to their relationship score. it’s already on 10+ if you have seen their blowjob scene). Requires 30+ relationship with Eric and 30+ relationship with Astra to join.

Updated scenes:
Multi-breasted variant of the flowerjob scene was added

New pictures:
Jill barstool buttfuck. 16 variants
Erica titfuck. 8 variants (+ some more variants with lips etc, about 32 in total result I think)
Eric’s character illustration variant with with semen on boobs, 2 variants
3-boobed flowergirl, +variants for her animated scene

This update is focused on new scenes.
Shaved pussy. Variants with shaved pussy added to all illustration, including Fina, Astra, Carla, Agnieszhka, Jaina,scenes with Goblins, except goblins’ character and battle illustrations. You can set it on or off in the settings.

New scenes:
Great Paladin titfuck. Accessible via flirt menu after completing “At service” quest
Slime girl titfuck. An alternative scene with big slime girl after you defeat her (she is in the slime cave in the woods area)
Alice on table. Anal scene with Alice, after you watch her dancing on table. Requires 50+ relationship
A scene with Tiasha, Derek and Taisha’s goblin friend. Tuesday night at Derek’s house, requires 50+ relationship with Taisha. Gay scenes should be ON in the settings to see this scene
Bathing goblin – under waterfall near Derek’s house at Tuesday evening.

Updated scenes:
Krowly under busty bandit. Illustrations added.
Fina and Sister Elizabeth – added strapon variant that is shown if gay scenes are disabled in the settings

New pictures:
Great Paladin titfuck, 4 variants
Great Paladin topless, 4 variants
Krowly under busty bandit. 4 variants
Alice on table. 4 variants. Made from existing illustrations
Slime titfuck, 2 variants
Bathing goblin
Shaved pussy variants of the illustrations. 108 variants I think, it’s hard to count them

This update is focused on the new quest.
New quest. Talk to Great Paladin after completing “Field research” quest to start it. Please, make a separate save file in case of possible bugs.

The quest “At service” is also can be completed now.

New outfit. Bandit outfit can be obtained during the new quest. When Krowly wears it the bandits interact differently (check out male and female bandits). Doesn’t affect the bandits you meet during the hunt events with Eric. After the quest you can also visit the bandit leader in the bandit stronghold while wearing bandit outfit.

New scenes:
Busty bandit leader blowjob. Unlocked during new quest, later is repeatable in the bandit stronghold if Krowly wears bandit outfit
Iss buttfuck. Unlocked during new quest, later is repeatable via flirt menu

Updated scenes:
Jenna and Juliette, illustration added

New pictures:
Jenna and Juliette
Busty bandit leader blowjob, 3 variants total
Iss buttfuck, 3 variants total
Krowly in bandit outfit, 6 variants

Small things:
Option to dance with Jaina at evening. If Krowly already sucked Jaina’s dick and has 200+ lust it can trigger blowjob scene behind the bar without Rose (if it’s not raining)

What is new:
New quest. Talk to Great Paladin using “chat” option after the quest “Nun’s work” is complete. You don’t need to finish the quest “Wonders of nipplefucking” to start this quest, but it’s need to finish it to complete the new quest. Some of the new scenes can be seen during the quest, so I recommend starting checking out the update from the quest 🙂

New scenes:
Fourboobed elf vaginal/anal scene. Can be unlocked during new quest, and later triggered by talking with her
Double titfuck with Astra and Alice. Talk to them in Fina’s mansion at Thursday morning if there is no rain. You need 30+ with Astra and the vaginal scene with Alice should be triggered at least once to trigger this titfuck scene
Fairyjob scene. Old scene with fairies got new illustrations, and the old illustrations got new more matching text part. So it’s new scene, but I switched the illustrations between new and old one, so they will match better. Loose to fairies to check out new illustrations and win to see new text for the titfuck scene.
A scene with battle nun and an orc at Saturday night near the monastery. Without an illustration for now.

Updated Scenes:
Scene were Eric is fapping got an illustration
Scene with Pregnant Snake girl got variant without Eric.

New pictures:
Fourboobed elf scene. 8 variants
Double titfuck scene with Astra and Alice. 2 variants
Fairyjob scene. 2 variants
Eric’s fapping illustrations. Made from existing ones. A lot of variants.

This update is focused mostly on the new and updated scenes, new illustrations.
Battle animation speed setting added in the settings menu. Will help you to speed up the battles.

New scenes:
Jill’s facial. Can be triggered via flirt menu
Krowly spa group fun. Can be triggered when male villagers are in the spa (Wednesday day time). Has 50 chance that there will be no dancer, and Krowly can fill in. You can save before entering the spa if you want to reroll the chance
Nipplefuck with golem nun. Accessible via flirt menu if the golem has nipples upgrade
Sandra titfuck. Can be randomly triggered when you talk to her during tea party
Goblin Shaman rides Krowly. Added text and variants of the goblin rider illustrations.

Updated Scenes:
Jimm fucks succubus. Added repainted illustrations, added option to fap.
Goblin girl rides Krowly. Added illustrations, made into a separate scene.
Statue in the church fapping. Added illustrations

New pictures:
Jill’s facial. 2 variants
Krowly spa group fun. 4 variants
Golem nun nipplefuck. 12 variants
Dirt cave battle background
Sandra titfuck. 2 variants
Sandra. Messy variants of character illustration. 2 variants
Goblin rider. 8 variants, including shaman
Statue in the church. 2 variants

Updated pictures:
Jimm fucks succubus. 8 variants. Repainted, plus added 2 extra variants

Small things:
nipplefuck added to the sex statistics

It just makes some changes in scripts to maybe solve some issues in Wine on Linux, so you can safely skip this one
It fixes being stuck in the counter in the spa after sex scene with the spa manager, and adds some changes to game scripts

Text speed setting added in the settings menu. Set to “instant” if you don’t want to wait till the text appear in the dialogues.
A ring that applies “reading of the mind” status. Lets you see relationship levels without using the spell. Can be acquired during new quest.
New quest. Talk to Great Paladin after “Melissa’s secret” quest is completed

New scenes:
Astra visits spa. Talk to her at Saturday morning. Need 30+ relationship with her, and the spa quest should be finished.
Blowtitfuck scene with Mother Sabrina. Unlocked during the quest, after that accessible via flirt menu. Requires 30+ relationship points
Great Paladin appreciation scene. Unlocked after the new quest, later accessible via flirt menu

Updated Scenes:
Agnieszka and Jason, added illustration, Including inflation variant

New pictures:
Agnieszka and Jason, +3 variants
Astra and elves, +3 variants
Mother Sabrina blowtitfuck, +2 variants
Great Paladin bukakke, 3 variants total
Great Paladin appreciation, 7 variants total

New quest. Talk to Melissa when Brother Volt is snooping around in her tower to start it.

New scenes:
Busty Elf oral. During the hunt or after defeating a Busty Elf in the elven forest
Melissa oral. After completing her new quest and after that via flirt menu.
Jill and Astra oral. Talk to them when Jill is massaging Astra’s butt during sunbathing event. Requires 200+ lust and 30+ relationship points with both
Golem Nun oral. Give her lips an upgrade and test them out at night. The illustrations are placeholder, I think I will replace them in the future
miniscene with stone boobs. No illustration

New pictures:
Busty Elf oral. 6 variants
Melissa oral. 3 variants
Golem upgrades. 26 variants
Jill and Astra oral. 3 variants
Golem oral. 2 variants

Small things:
new decoration elements in the dungeon

Warlock and Boobs v0.403
This update is mostly focused on scenes.
Drinking event with orc chief Mushra now has alternative ending with Krowly being on top.
Option to invite Alice in the spa at Monday day time. Has a variant of her bathing scene and reactions on Krowly’s getting massage from the elves

New scenes:
Jill’s oral scene. Can be triggered if you have 200 or more lust when you give her the cream during the sunbathing event at the morning
Alice’s butt can be seen at Sunday morning in her house
Krowly fucking Mushra, the orc chief. As a part of the drinking event with her. You need to find a way to over-drink her
Threesome scene with Krowly, a pregnant snake girl and Eric. During the hunt in two dungeons. Also has a variant for Kaaren, without Eric.

Updated scenes:
Snake girl’s oral scene. Updated illustration, plus pregnant snake girl’s variant

New pictures:
Jill’s oral scene. 2 variants
Alice’s butt
Krowly fucking Mushra. 2 variants
Snakegirl threesome. 24 variants

Updated pictures:
Snake girl’s oral scene. 4 variants
Alice bathing. Added 2 variants for the spa
Alice’s buttfuck. Added 2 variants for the spa

Small things:
Small changes to the start of the game. The game asks less questions, but I added a suggestions to check content settings in the menu.
Small changes to sex stats window

event with Jaina’s training should be working right now

Warlock and Boobs v0.402.1
New scenes:
Sam’s buttfuck. Dance with her I the tavern or catch her naked at night. Requires 50+ relationship points. Has inflation option
Jenna’s boobs grabbing scene. During the milk event, at Thursday day time
Repeatable variant of the spitroast scene with two orcs (Orc’s tent, Wednesday night, after Eric’s quest is completed)
Mini scene, Orc Chief and Mabel (Tuesday night). No illustration for now

Updated scenes:
All Sam’s scenes – added inflation variant

New pictures:
Sam’s buttfuck. 12 variants
Sam’s inflation. 24 variants
Jenna’s boobs event. 4 variants
Orc Chief character illustration.

Small things:
Sam’s reaction to the scene asseating scene with jaina

Additional Info
Press F5 to toggle full screen.
Press F6 to change window size.
Press W to show/hide Krowly’s picture.

Release date: 2024-02-12
Genre: 2DCG, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Monster girl, Adventure, Combat, Futa, Big tits, Big ass, Anal sex, Animated, Incest, Masturbation, Oral sex, Religion, Titfuck, Vaginal sex
Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: boobsgames
Platform: Windows
Version: 0.432
Language: English, Russian
Size: 1.27 GB

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